Professionalism, standardization and integrity in the Psychic Services Industry.

Now, the spotlight on us, what we are trying to do and what we hope to become.

Our Goals for YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com and ChooseAPsychic.com

The YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com site promotes professionalism, standardization and integrity in the Psychic Services Industry. We do NOT certify PSI practitioners. Neither have we promoted regulating the industry. Same goes for ChooseAPsychic.com. On that site, the clients leave reviews. We do give advice to those listing on that site about how to improve their listings.

Right now you are all somewhat unfairly regulated because you are often considered to be operating a suspicious and possibly con-game business by the municipalities where you live. You are also often required to post the disclaimer that your services are “For entertainment purposes only.”

We find this objectionable, which is one of the reasons we started YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com — to help you run your businesses as professional consultancies despite the onerous requirements of your local governments.

Both sites are FREE and will remain so. As we grow, we might find it necessary to create premium memberships to help support the money and time it takes to operate these sites. We also plan to use advertising to support the sites. Both sites represent a considerable investment of money and time on our parts and we need them to produce ad revenue to support their operations.

We do not have any plans to certify or regulate, and certainly not for money. We do have highly reputable institutions among our supporters and will likely present information on those organizations for those of you who might wish to consider getting certified.

There are a lot of people who have vested interests in keeping this industry shrouded in the image of the gypsie fortuneteller and assorted crazies. We do not. We would like to see the talented people who strive, through their talents and hard work, to help others receive the respect they deserve. We think it is a noble cause.



How Angela and Victoria Became Evangelists for the Psychic Services Industry

Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas

Victoria Duff

Victoria Duff

The Story Begins A dozen years ago, professional psychic Angela Thomas and Wall Street investment banker/startup consultant Victoria Duff met each other as subjects in a conscious research project focusing on precognition. Over the years, they read each other’s cards and prognosticated World events . . .

Every once in a while, we talked about how different people are running their PSI-based businesses, and how we can easily see that professionalism makes a big difference in the success level of these practitioners.

The Day It All Changed One day Victoria called Angela to announce something important: The respected industry research firm IBIS had added Psychic Services to their list of followed industries. This is important because it shows without a doubt that even the advisers to Wall Street firms had to admit that psychic services has become a mainstream industry. So, we decided that we were just the professional women to evangelize for standardization and professionalism in the Psychic Services Industry.

First, we started our free informational site www.YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com

Almost immediately, it became clear that there is a need for a no-hype, professional listing site for the Psychic Services Industry. So, we started Choose A Psychic.

We considered names more like “Find A Psychic” and “Best Psychics” and “Amazing Psychics” . . . but our goal was to provide a professional place for psychics and other providers to educate and impress our visitors who seek reliable practitioners. We decided the important part of our service is to provide a way for our visitors to choose for themselves by reading provider information and client reviews. Therefore, we decided to call this service Choose A Psychic.

All our listings represent independent psychics, mediums, astrologers, numerologists, remote viewers and healers, among others. They are not under any production quotas to maintain their featured positions. Their client reviews highlight their hard work and commitment to excellence.

We are always looking for providers! Your listing is FREE. No surprises. We won’t sell your information, but we might brag about you! (With your permission, of course.)

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