Breaking Up With Clients

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by Angela Thomas

Like all relationships; sometimes, it is necessary to reevaluate whether or not you are right for each other. The psychic-client relationship is no exception. This type of relationship is similar to a romantic relationship because you, the psychic, know many intimate details about your client, and because of this very reason, your client may take on feelings similar to a ‘romantic’ one. When this occurs, you may see the beginning signs of the relationship about to fail. These signs include the following:

Demands more and more of your time

Why aren’t you taking my calls? A client may want you to be at his or her beckoned call. Not only does this include a demand on your time, but he or she may want to chat about their day. You may often hear, “I know you are busy, but. . . .” This may be followed by a request for insights. Free, of course, since your client will tell you that he or she merely wants to know what you are getting. (Naturally, this is a reading they are asking for, just in another way.)

Wants special treatment

Your client expects that you will drop everything you are doing to read for him or her. The expectation, of course, is not to have to wait, or even consider making an appointment. This client may be under the delusion that you’ve been sitting there waiting for his or her call.

Becomes clingy and insecure

If a client begins to become clingy and insecure, it is time to draw boundaries, or end the psychic-client relationship. You may have already experienced a half a dozen emails over a couple of days, or phone calls asking you what he or she should do next. The client begins to rely on you instead of his or her own judgment. They become insecure, and afraid of making any decisions for fear of being wrong, or offsetting what you have given in a previous reading. When your client no longer recognizes that the power of any outcome lies in his or her own decisions and actions, it is time for a breakup.

The conversation about a breakup with a client varies, so use your better judgment. You may want to use statements that are often used when ending a relationship:

It’s me, not you.

Letting your client know that it is you, instead of what he or she has really become can be used, but take caution when using this statement. By doing so doesn’t provide your client with any real resolve, nor does it give him or her true insight into what really caused the break to begin with.

Let’s see other people.

Propose that your client seek another psychic. After all, another psychic doesn’t have the intimate ties that you do to your client, and therefore, may be able to keep the client at a distance. Besides, the client benefits when there is more than one psychic’s insights being given. It merely adds more pieces to the puzzle.

We no longer have anything in common.

Once your client understands that he or she has crossed the psychic-client boundaries, it is easier to part ways. You can explain, perhaps again, that you only work as a psychic, and not their personal friend. Being deliberate about how you work, and what you find acceptable sends a message loud and clear. You can’t help your client by continuing to be his or her friend, or accepting a different relationship. You no longer have things in common.

I need space.

Letting your client know that you need your space away from a potentially destructive, psychic-client relationship will give your client food for thought, as well as, give you time to think on whether this ‘breakup’ will be permanent or not. Being held hostage by a client is simply unhealthy. Space is definitely needed.

We’ve grown apart.

Last, but not least, explaining to your client that his or her actions has caused you to lose your objectiveness helps to ease the pains of a breakup. In the case where your client may have asked for free readings, “. . . since you are friends,” or used you as a sounding board to complain about that day’s frustrations, lets him or her know that you truly have grown apart from your psychic-client relationship.

If you want to maintain a healthy, psychic-client relationship, it is best to keep it that way. By doing so will allow you to provide a valuable service to your client, and avoid getting trapped into an unhealthy relationship you’ll have to maintain.


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