Do Corporations Hire Remote Viewers?

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Some corporations definitely hire remote viewers.

Well, heck, if they don’t they are missing out on a valuable tool.

Now, I have my investment banker / start-up consultant hat on for this comment. You see, I know that nearly every company eventually loses … yes, loses … an important piece of equipment or something that is not good to lose.

Some remote viewers specialize in just this sort of problem.

I also know that many companies have a need to find a certain individual, for whatever reason, and just can’t seem to locate the person.

I also know that many companies wish they knew more about their competitors. A remote viewer scanning the competitor can learn quite a lot.

Here’s the thing: Remote viewing is about 80% accurate if done well. Accuracy depends on the RVer.

However I would think your major hurdle would be in educating comanies of your value. I’ll bet there are some CEOs out there right now wondering how to get in touch with a remote viewer, and whether they should do that.

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