Psychic entrepreneurship.

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Managing a business, particularly a PSI-based practice, can sometimes feel like venturing on a fog-shrouded path.

Managing a business, particularly a PSI-based practice, can sometimes feel like venturing on a fog-shrouded path. Copyright Depositphotos/nicolashan


PSI is the term we in the industry use to refer to the many types of consciousness-connected abilities. It is applicable to everything from Tarot card reading, remote viewing, mediumship, clairvoyance and many other disciplines.


As mainstream media increasingly carries programs dealing with ghost hunting, mediumship and paranormal topics, public acceptance of  natural or developed PSI ability is growing. Face it, psychic entrepreneurship is a growing industry.


You can make a living providing psychic readings, performing psychic medium services in locating lost children or helping people communicate with those who have passed on to the spirit realm, performing Reiki or psychic healing, dowsing or any other of the services you offer.


The most important thing to recognize is that you are a professional and you have a business. That means actually going through a few simple steps to set up and operate your business.


Begin by researching your competition. Search online using the words you would normally use to describe what you do.  If you want to identify your local competition, search “[your service], [your town], [your state]” to bring up your local competition. If you check them out either by going to their shops, or making an appointment to experience what they do for yourself, you will get a lot of ideas for your own business. Other competitors, such as the ones who populate the first and second pages of your search engine, can also provide great ideas for your website and marketing materials.


If there is a local metaphysical shop, go in and talk with the owner or employees about the local market for your services. Your goal is to style your business to provide a better product and better customer service than the competition. This research will also help you price your services appropriately.


Next, research the legalities. Check with City Hall to find out if you need a business license. Many places have special requirements for psychic businesses because of the many con-artists that operate as fortune tellers. Also ask about zoning laws for where you can legally offer your services. Many communities restrict business traffic in residential areas.


You can try to operate under the radar, and will most likely be successful. However, remember you will be vulnerable to being outed by your competitors – particularly if you become successful and start attracting business away from them. You are also vulnerable to the whims of your clients. It isn’t always easy to please everyone, and a dissatisfied client might complain to the local authorities about your business. Protect yourself by taking care of getting a business license and operating in a legal location. Failure to do so can result is serious difficulties and harm your reputation.


Who is your target customer? Think about the people you have already worked with and profile them. What gender, age range, socio-economic background do they represent? Where do they live? What are their buying habits? You might consider asking them to fill out a questionnaire that will help you understand your target customer.


Plan your marketing to attract customers. Marketing includes

  • branding, advertising,
  • announcing the opening of your business,
  • creating mutual referrals with another business,
  • offering to speak or demonstrate at events,
  • community groups or in local stores,
  • blogging,
  • creating an email newsletter,
  • business cards and
  • a website.


Set up your operational process. This means:

  • set up a system to record your customers’ names, emails, phone numbers, birthdays and your notes on working with them
  • partner lists
  • calendar
  • get a good accounting program
  • banking and payment options
  • to-do lists or daily agendas


This article is just a basic introduction – sort of a Psychic Business 101 – so feel free to experiment.

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