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    Thank you for coming to us for your psychic business information.

    Due to the overwhelming support we received for Your Psychic Services Business, we are expanding into a real magazine-style format! We will become the Psychic Services Industry Journal.

    The new format will make it easier for you to find the information and articles you want.

    Please stand by. We should be finished with the first phase in a week.

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    Angela & Victoria



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  • The Devil in New Orleans

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    The Devil in New Orleans
    By Angela D. Thomas

    The Devil

    The Devil

    Many years ago while living in New Orleans, Louis, a man that I worked with, was celebrating his birthday. As a gift to him, I decided to give him a psychic, tarot reading. Before I began the reading, I asked him if he had any specific questions that he would like me to answer. The most important question he had to ask was about an investment, a real estate investment that he and his wife were pondering over.
    The real estate investment was the purchase of a second house, and this house would be used as rental property. According to Louis, they would have to move into the house to fix it up for renting.
    As I began reading, the ‘Devil’ card appeared in the house that he wanted to purchase. I was a bit alarmed. After all, the devil card has many meanings; good and bad, but I didn’t like this card associated with his house. The more I looked at it, the more disturbed I felt. I stopped and psychically meditated on it. When I did, I began to feel sick.
    “Whatever you do, do not purchase this house,” I advised. “The devil lives there.”
    His eyes opened wide, and he looked down to the ground shaking his head. “But, this house is a really good price, and my wife and I have saved up all of these years in order to buy a home that we can rent to others. A rental house would provide the income that we need when we retire.”
    “This house is not for you,” I insisted. “If you decide to purchase this house, it will not work out and you will not be there long.” I continued to read for Louis, and the more I did, the sicker I felt about the house.
    Flash forward six months or so later. One afternoon I saw Louis and he looked to the ground. He would not look at me. As I approached him, he finally looked into my eyes. I knew something was terribly wrong.
    “I’m sorry Miss Angela, I should have listened to you.”
    That same sickness that I felt before had returned. “You bought the house, didn’t you?” I asked already knowing the answer.
    “Yes we did, but I wish that I had listened to you.”
    I was eager to hear his story. ”What happened?”
    Louis was visibly shaken. “When we first moved into the house, everything was fine. My wife was especially excited because the house sat in the neighborhood that she grew up in. She loved the house and location so much that she said that she would prefer to retire in this house to be around her old friends.” Louis then hesitated. It was as if he could not find the words to say next.
    I was waiting for some terrible news. You know the kind of news I mean? The kind that one has to swallow hard and clear the throat in hopes of being about to speak about it. “Oh boy,” I said recalling that very same feeling I had when I read for him. “What kind of devilish thing happened there?”
    Louis seemed to struggle with the words that would come next. “We really didn’t notice it at first, but there was an old shed on the property. It set way in the back of the yard which was covered by a lot of overgrowth from the trees and bushes there. While it was still light, I went to the old shed to check it out. I noticed an old deep freezer covered in rust, and it had a large chain and padlock around it. I knew it had been there for a long time because it was rusted and the shed itself was falling apart. I had plans to tear the shed down when the time came to do it, but first I was going to open that old freezer to see what was in it.”
    A rusted freezer with a chain and padlock around it did not sound good. My stomach felt queasy, and watching his face told me there was a whole lot more to the story.
    By now, Louis had tears forming in his eyes. “I went back inside and my wife and I began to work indoors. We worked into the evening, and after we stopped working, I remembered about the freezer in the shed. I looked around for something to open the padlock with and I made my way out to the shed with a flashlight in hand. I worked and worked until I opened the padlock, and when I opened it up, there was a large trash bag inside. When I pulled the bag out and placed it on the ground, I heard a lot of clanking, and I opened it up.” He sounded choked up.
    Louis could not say it. Not at first. He hesitated to say what was inside the bag.
    I adjusted my voice to be as soft as I could when I asked, “What was in the bag. Louis?”
    “There were many skulls in the bag! Every skull had a hole in them with the same size and in the same place.  It looked like drilled holes in them.”
    “Oh my God, did you call the police?”
    “Hell no, I didn’t call the police. I called my attorney!”
    “Why in the world would you call your attorney instead of the police?”
    “Because I am a black man and I didn’t think the police would believe that I didn’t do it. That’s why I called my attorney first.”
    I found out that Louis’ attorney called the police. The New Orleans Police Department investigated the matter, but Louis never found out what the results were from the investigation. He and his wife moved out immediately and back into their first home. He later listed the second house and property for sale.
    The devil card was very revealing. Had I looked into it psychically a little bit more, I would have known that multiple murders had taken place there. You see, the devil card represents many things, and the worst case scenario is that of murder.
    Since reading for Louis in New Orleans, I always pay attention to the devil card and where it lands in the spread. And from time to time, I am led to Louis’ story, and that lets me know to look further into the negative side of the devil.
    I never will forget his story and what happened at the property. The devil had been in New Orleans.

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  • This Psychic Life – Thoroughbred Horses – Lesson Learned

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    by Angela D. Thomas

    Retro-cogition, the ability to ‘see’ in the past, is what gives psychics and clairvoyants the means to touch upon past events. Like precognition (the ability to see in the future) it can come in the forms of retro-cognitive dreaming (which differs from normal dreaming), while awake, and even instantaneously. It is the latter that often surprised me in my younger years. Now, my retro-cognitive and precognitive experiences occur so often, they have become a comfort to me, and something I rely on. Most of the time, I keep quiet about what information I receive, unless I’m reading for a client, but it was not the case when I first began steadily receiving psychic messages.

    Messages are not only psychic impressions, they can come by way of clairaudience (clear hearing, one aspect of clair abilities), strong ‘I know’ feelings, and even visuals. Let me just say that when I began experiencing visuals, I felt compelled to share them with whomever was around at the time. It took an unusual incident to teach me to keep my mouth shut.

    Big Lesson #1
    It’s the mid-1980s, New Orleans and I am sitting across a table from a man I’ll call H.H. We were meeting for lunch at a popular restaurant to discuss a property investment. At this time, I had not “come out” as a psychic, and really, I wouldn’t have given myself such a title. Things were happening to me on a psychic level, but I didn’t know enough to use it for my greater good. I was there sitting in front of an ‘angel’ investor, a man that my local banker connected me to.

    We talked briefly about the property and the 2 million investment needed to get things going. H.H. suggested we eat lunch first before delving into the meat of the financial prospectus. All of the safe niceties were covered: people that we knew, our families, and the weather.

    H.H., a short Italian-American which hailed originally from the New York City area, mentioned how much he missed the East Coast. No sooner than the words spilled from his mouth, I saw, in my mind, thoroughbred horses racing on a track. I dismissed it thinking it was my mind wandering from the conversation.

    H.H. continued to speak, and again, the thoroughbred horses racing came into my head. Then I heard; clairaudiently, “I know about the horses.” Foolishly, I decided to share what I was getting. I told H.H. that I was seeing thoroughbred horses racing in my head, and then I repeated what I heard, “I know about the horses.”

    As soon as I said it, the face of H.H. turned a deep red. He reacted violently. He shoved himself back from his chair, stood up, and began shouting a string of profanities at me. Many ‘F’ bombs were dropped in with words I couldn’t make out.

    “Who sent you?!” he demanded. “You know about my horses? Myyy horses? H.H. was shaking while tossing his chair around. He would lunge towards me, and then back away.

    The more I tried calming him down, the worse it got. I tried to explain that I was merely seeing it in my mind, and that I had heard a voice speaking about the horses.

    Eventually, H.H. did calm down with the help of the restaurant manager and other men that stood nearby waiting to come to my rescue.

    “They burned my horses alive!” H.H. yelled. He looked at me with hate. There was no way he believed my explanation. He thought I was sent under the guise of looking for an investor. I was under the impression that he was a haunted man always looking over his shoulder.

    “You know they died the night before the big race. My poor horses,” he said as he was walking out of the restaurant.

    I sat there stunned for the longest time before calling my banker friend and relaying the news. Naturally, he was upset and concerned that his friend, an investor, would suspect him of wrongdoing or collaborating with others who had harmed him in the past, and who may have had intentions of harming him in the future.

    A big lesson was learned that day. Not all people welcome psychic information regardless of the intent or how it is delivered.

    “Shhh,” I frequently tell myself. “Don’t say a word.”

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  • Breaking Up With Clients

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    breakup small

    by Angela Thomas

    Like all relationships; sometimes, it is necessary to reevaluate whether or not you are right for each other. The psychic-client relationship is no exception. This type of relationship is similar to a romantic relationship because you, the psychic, know many intimate details about your client, and because of this very reason, your client may take on feelings similar to a ‘romantic’ one. When this occurs, you may see the beginning signs of the relationship about to fail. These signs include the following:

    Demands more and more of your time

    Why aren’t you taking my calls? A client may want you to be at his or her beckoned call. Not only does this include a demand on your time, but he or she may want to chat about their day. You may often hear, “I know you are busy, but. . . .” This may be followed by a request for insights. Free, of course, since your client will tell you that he or she merely wants to know what you are getting. (Naturally, this is a reading they are asking for, just in another way.)

    Wants special treatment

    Your client expects that you will drop everything you are doing to read for him or her. The expectation, of course, is not to have to wait, or even consider making an appointment. This client may be under the delusion that you’ve been sitting there waiting for his or her call.

    Becomes clingy and insecure

    If a client begins to become clingy and insecure, it is time to draw boundaries, or end the psychic-client relationship. You may have already experienced a half a dozen emails over a couple of days, or phone calls asking you what he or she should do next. The client begins to rely on you instead of his or her own judgment. They become insecure, and afraid of making any decisions for fear of being wrong, or offsetting what you have given in a previous reading. When your client no longer recognizes that the power of any outcome lies in his or her own decisions and actions, it is time for a breakup.

    The conversation about a breakup with a client varies, so use your better judgment. You may want to use statements that are often used when ending a relationship:

    It’s me, not you.

    Letting your client know that it is you, instead of what he or she has really become can be used, but take caution when using this statement. By doing so doesn’t provide your client with any real resolve, nor does it give him or her true insight into what really caused the break to begin with.

    Let’s see other people.

    Propose that your client seek another psychic. After all, another psychic doesn’t have the intimate ties that you do to your client, and therefore, may be able to keep the client at a distance. Besides, the client benefits when there is more than one psychic’s insights being given. It merely adds more pieces to the puzzle.

    We no longer have anything in common.

    Once your client understands that he or she has crossed the psychic-client boundaries, it is easier to part ways. You can explain, perhaps again, that you only work as a psychic, and not their personal friend. Being deliberate about how you work, and what you find acceptable sends a message loud and clear. You can’t help your client by continuing to be his or her friend, or accepting a different relationship. You no longer have things in common.

    I need space.

    Letting your client know that you need your space away from a potentially destructive, psychic-client relationship will give your client food for thought, as well as, give you time to think on whether this ‘breakup’ will be permanent or not. Being held hostage by a client is simply unhealthy. Space is definitely needed.

    We’ve grown apart.

    Last, but not least, explaining to your client that his or her actions has caused you to lose your objectiveness helps to ease the pains of a breakup. In the case where your client may have asked for free readings, “. . . since you are friends,” or used you as a sounding board to complain about that day’s frustrations, lets him or her know that you truly have grown apart from your psychic-client relationship.

    If you want to maintain a healthy, psychic-client relationship, it is best to keep it that way. By doing so will allow you to provide a valuable service to your client, and avoid getting trapped into an unhealthy relationship you’ll have to maintain.


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  • Manifesting: Setting Intentions and Being Realistic

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    by Angela Thomas

    The subject of manifesting is everywhere! We may read books about it, watch videos on it, or even attend a multitude of workshops in order to learn how to make it work. Some people; however, complain that they are not seeing results. When it comes to manifesting, there are a few things we must keep in mind before we create an intention, and receive the outcome we want.

    Adjust your belief system

    It is easy to feel and visualize yourself happy and successful, but maintaining that vision with the same intensity you started out with is difficult to keep. Adjusting your belief system is necessary in order to bring about the outcome you want. We often find ourselves falling prey to our old belief systems when we think about our past, our failures, and missed opportunities. When your thoughts move backwards, instantly say to yourself, “Cancel that,” acknowledge your past failure, and begin with a new, internal dialogue such as, “I have not been successful up until now. Now I am confident, happy and building things up for my ultimate success.”

    Do not expect instant gratification

    In the book, “The Road Less Traveled,” author M. Scott Peck, M.D. writes about our desire for instant gratification. Such expectations for instant results often sabotages our efforts in maintaining our enthusiasm towards the outcome we intend to manifest. If we truly believe and trust that our feelings and intentions work to create the lives we want, then we must also expect that some of the things we manifest will take time.

    In our society, we are used to ‘instant’ results. We push buttons, and ta-da! we get what we want. We push buttons for information or entertainment on our computers, televisions, and telephones, and seldom do we stop and think that not all things work instantly.

    Be realistic in your expectations, and understand that you’ve put things in motion already. It is a matter of time before you begin to realize them.

    Forget about immediate mumbo-jumbo

    Can things you want to happen, happen immediately? Anything is possible. The majority of the time; however, we do not experience immediate results. Some people who promote manifesting may tell you that if you want $1,000,000, all you have to do is learn how to manifest it, and poof! the universe arranges for you to receive that amount quickly. Unless you are a recent lottery winner, do not expect to receive $1,000,000 immediately.

    Stay focused on the long-term

    Once you create your intention, maintain your vision, and move toward the intended outcome, trust in what you are accomplishing. Move away from obsessing about it, or focusing on the short-term outcome. Instead, know your thoughts and actions are leading you to the long-term outcome you want. Yes, the universe is enabling you to accomplish what you set out to do, and now you, too, must do your part by staying real and true to your intention.

    Allow things to happen

    It’s easy to get off track; especially, when you talk yourself out of what you really want and intend for yourself. You may have times when you feel that you don’t deserve to have a fulfilling life, or that it will never happen to you, but this is all self-talk. You must allow good things to come into your life, and expect them.

    Surround yourself with like-minded people

    When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you are generating a positive mind, and creating positive energy toward that which you want. If you are surrounding yourself with a bunch of naysayers, then you are setting yourself up to fail. Why? Because the naysayers, those pessimists who will poo-poo every intention you’ve set for yourself, will cause you to lose your focus and enthusiasm for your ideal life. They will convince you that it is “all in your head,” or worse, “that things like that never happen.”

    If you are currently involved with naysayers, you may wish to reconsider how much time you spend with them. Are they in your living environment? Then find a special place where you can go to gather your thoughts, and focus on your intentions.

    Surround yourself with like-minded people who want what you want, understand the processes necessary to create your intentions, and keep them.

    Choose the 5-10-15 model

    Choose 5 new, like-minded people to surround yourself with. Check what is happening in your local community, and attend workshops, meetings and get-togethers. If that is not available, then go online and find a community of like-minded people. Through introductions or your own efforts, choose another 5 people to surround yourself by. Expanding your ‘circle’ of like-minded people will help you to maintain your enthusiasm, and keep your intent. Additionally, surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you in receiving an abundance of new ideas and resources. Finally, add another 5 people to surround yourself by.

    You don’t have to stop adding people after you’ve applied your 5-10-15 model in your life, but it gives you a good start. Be sure to ask for introductions, too. Ask those like-minded people to introduce you to 3 other like-minded people, and so on. Within a short amount of time, you will have created a wonderful support system. Such like-minded people will help you to maintain your focus on the things you wish to manifest in your life.


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  • This Psychic Life – Knife in the Air

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    When it comes to giving a psychic reading, it is rare these days that I see someone in person. I have an international clientele, so more often than not, I am either on the telephone or on Skype with my clients. For those that may be closer to me in proximity, the demands on my time eliminates the possibility to see those clients in person. This, of course, has not always been the case.

    I don’t know when my preference to give telephone readings began. For years, I told myself that I didn’t want to be around someone else’s ‘energy,’ for fear that it may influence the messages, but the following incident that occurred years ago, I’m sure, was part of my decision to do less and less in-person readings.

    One summer afternoon, I received a telephone call from a young woman who sounded desperate, and was in need of a reading. She was in the Air Force Reserves, and was being housed in a local hotel along with others, and she asked me if I would meet her at her hotel room to give a reading. It was a policy of mine not to go to a new client’s home, so I denied her request for the reading. She asked if I would at least meet her at the public library’s conference room which was five minutes away from my own home. I agreed, but that gnawing feeling in my gut told me that something wasn’t quite right. I should have listened to that feeling.

    As I got out of my car, and walked toward the library, I saw a young woman dressed in uniform. She was waiting near the door, and eager to get started. Although she looked polished, the energy of her was scattered. I was already hesitant of spending one hour with this new client, but since I had committed myself to it, I walked through the doors of the library, and into the conference room.

    I pulled out my tarot cards to do a three-dimensional reading. It’s a method I created to draw out the details of one’s life, and predict near future events, and the like. This young woman told me that she, too, knew a little about tarot.

    So, what was her desperate need for a reading? Her love life she told me. She was having a meltdown, and needed me to look into her love life. After she asked her specific questions about it, I began my reading.

    The Devil card was the first I pulled. In my head I am thinking of a sociopath, an abuser, a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde type of personality.

    I looked at the woman knowing she herself was the devil, and she said, “That’s right.”

    After a few minutes into the reading, I focused specifically on her love life. I told her that even though there was a man she was interested in, she wasn’t in a relationship with him, nor would she ever be. Why? Because he was a married man, and happily in love with his wife.

    The young woman came unglued. “I know, I know!” she screamed. That “B” (Referring to his wife), if she wasn’t in the picture, I’m sure he’d ask me out sometime.

    “When is he going to leave his wife?”

    “He’s not leaving his wife. He’s in love.”

    “When will he ask me out?”

    “He won’t ask you out. Like I said, he’s in love with his wife.”

    I wanted to look into other areas of her life. The more I read, the more things about her became clear. Sexual abuse, torture, and extreme situations came up. All in which she confirmed.

    I spent the entire hour feeling sick from the reading while the client, from time to time, ranted about the man she was interested in.

    “Again, he is not going to ask you out. In fact, he’s communicated that to you already.” Although she confirmed that she had asked him out for coffee, and he made it clear that he was married, and not interested, she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

    Finally, the reading was over.

    As I gathered my things up to leave, the young woman began ranting again. This time, she held her hand up in the air as if holding a knife, and began a stabbing motion in the air.

    “Sometimes,” she said, “I just want to kill somebody.”

    I left feeling relieved that I had not gone into the hotel room to do the reading. Perhaps, I thought, that I would have become that “somebody” she wanted to kill while stabbing me with a real knife.

    Following that reading, I was very particular about who I read in person. If there was the slightest ‘feeling’ about it, I simply refused to schedule that person’s appointment with me.

    I will always remember that knife in the air. The stabbing motions, and the look in the woman’s eye. A valuable lesson learned in this psychic’s life.


    hand holding knife

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  • Forever Family Foundation Afterlife Convention Nov 5th to 11th

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    The Forever Family Foundation is one of the most respected institutions in the Psychic Services Industry

    The Forever Family Foundation is one of the most respected institutions in the Psychic Services Industry


    Nov 5th, 2014 4:00 PM to Nov 11th, 2014 10:00 AM


    The Eighth Annual Afterlife Conference is a two day conference held on November 8-9, 2014. You’ll hear featured speakers representing research from Rhine Research Center, Division of Perceptual Studies/University of Virginia, Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, British Society for Psychical Research, Parapsychological Association, & Parapsychology Foundation

    Our List Of Esteemed Presenters And Presentations

    • Jim B. Tucker, MD representing Division of Perceptual Studies/University of Virginia

    Presenting: Return to Life: Children’s Memories of Past Lives

    • Loyd Auerbach, MS representing Forever Family Foundation

    Presenting: Never Been Slimed: Recollections of a Ghostbuster

    • Sally Rhine Feather, PhD representing The Rhine Research Center

    Presenting: Continuing Psi Experiences Suggestive of an Afterlife

    • Callum Cooper, MS representing British Society for Psychical Research

    Presenting: Telephone Contact with the Dead and other Unique Methods of After Death Communication

    • Carlos Alvarado PhD representing Parapsychological Association

    Presenting: Seeing the Dead: Early Studies of Deathbed Visions

    • Nancy Zingrone PhD representing Parapsychology Foundation

    Presenting: Is There Anybody In There? Evidence for Survival from Hauntings and Apparitions Research

    • Julie Beischel PhD representing Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential

    Presenting: Among Mediums: Results from 10 Years of Research

    • . . . and more!

    Read Their Impressive Biographies

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  • The Joy of Feathers

    Sep 14 • Branding, Consciousness, Launching Your Business, Mediumship, Metaphysical Stores & e-Retail, Working with PSI • 1750 Views

    Feathers are often spiritual messengers. (Photo Copyright Depositphotos.com/vic02dd13)

    Feathers are often spiritual messengers. (Photo Copyright Depositphotos.com/ vic02dd13)

    When I first became interested in spiritualism and all things psychic, a medium told me I had a Native American walking with me, that he wore one feather and I had to find the rest of his headdress.  I thought ‘yes…’ and dismissed it.

    But the feathers came. And how!

    The first criteria was that the feathers had to come in an unusual way.  Anyone can find them in the street; birds lose them all the time.  But do they arrive in a returned parcel of books, trapped between two of them?  Or are they leaned up against the step when you go to sit circle?

    My first feather arrived in a most unusual way.  I got home from work to find a note – and a feather – left for me by my daughter.  She wrote that the feather had come in (we have double glazing which opens outwards from the top, not from the side) and was trapped between the net curtain and the glass, scratching against the window…

    More arrived, I found them in my car, at the top of a very long flight of stairs, or someone would give me a feather for no apparent reason.

    I went to a meeting one Sunday. The medium handed me a carrier bag full of feathers and said: ‘these were all round my garden! I know they’re for you.’

    There were 37 feathers in the bag. I had just begun to publish my quarterly magazine, Circle of Light, which has 40 pages.  I asked spirit to confirm the number of pages, please, by adding the last set of feathers. The following week a different medium came to take the service.  He lived on the mainland and had no idea of my ‘feather’ quest.  He pulled three feathers from his pocket and said: ‘I’ve been told to give these to you.’ And so I had my 40 feathers.  The magazine is still going, a small miracle in itself in a time of constant changes.

    There was the day my daughter walked in with a swan’s feather for me, at the time I was writing with the Archangel Gabriel.

    There was the time I found a feather stuck to my wheel arch … and it stayed there all the way to work, a journey of 9 miles.

    A spiritualist friend handed me a small cellophane envelope with bright red feathers in it, without knowing of my feather quest, as she had not attended any of the meetings.

    The most spectacular feather gift came when I was walking with my (unbeliever) daughter across an all but empty car park under an all but empty clear blue sky. Suddenly a shower of feathers came down, all around me. My daughter looked all around, saying ‘Where did they come from?’ There were no birds in the sky.

    The feathers still come.  At the beginning, they meant I had achieved something, now it means I am about to take another step either forward or sideways into a new branch of spirit work.  Either way, they are welcome and I have treasured them.  They are arranged in a fan shape displayed in a box frame which I have on the wall of my study, where all my spirit work is done, readings, books, whatever.  They are a very physical manifestation of a very un-physical world, the spirit world, a link that cannot be denied.

    Have you found any feathers lately?



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  • Psychic entrepreneurship.

    Sep 2 • Business 101, Marketing • 1596 Views

    Managing a business, particularly a PSI-based practice, can sometimes feel like venturing on a fog-shrouded path.

    Managing a business, particularly a PSI-based practice, can sometimes feel like venturing on a fog-shrouded path. Copyright Depositphotos/nicolashan


    PSI is the term we in the industry use to refer to the many types of consciousness-connected abilities. It is applicable to everything from Tarot card reading, remote viewing, mediumship, clairvoyance and many other disciplines.


    As mainstream media increasingly carries programs dealing with ghost hunting, mediumship and paranormal topics, public acceptance of  natural or developed PSI ability is growing. Face it, psychic entrepreneurship is a growing industry.


    You can make a living providing psychic readings, performing psychic medium services in locating lost children or helping people communicate with those who have passed on to the spirit realm, performing Reiki or psychic healing, dowsing or any other of the services you offer.


    The most important thing to recognize is that you are a professional and you have a business. That means actually going through a few simple steps to set up and operate your business.


    Begin by researching your competition. Search online using the words you would normally use to describe what you do.  If you want to identify your local competition, search “[your service], [your town], [your state]” to bring up your local competition. If you check them out either by going to their shops, or making an appointment to experience what they do for yourself, you will get a lot of ideas for your own business. Other competitors, such as the ones who populate the first and second pages of your search engine, can also provide great ideas for your website and marketing materials.


    If there is a local metaphysical shop, go in and talk with the owner or employees about the local market for your services. Your goal is to style your business to provide a better product and better customer service than the competition. This research will also help you price your services appropriately.


    Next, research the legalities. Check with City Hall to find out if you need a business license. Many places have special requirements for psychic businesses because of the many con-artists that operate as fortune tellers. Also ask about zoning laws for where you can legally offer your services. Many communities restrict business traffic in residential areas.


    You can try to operate under the radar, and will most likely be successful. However, remember you will be vulnerable to being outed by your competitors – particularly if you become successful and start attracting business away from them. You are also vulnerable to the whims of your clients. It isn’t always easy to please everyone, and a dissatisfied client might complain to the local authorities about your business. Protect yourself by taking care of getting a business license and operating in a legal location. Failure to do so can result is serious difficulties and harm your reputation.


    Who is your target customer? Think about the people you have already worked with and profile them. What gender, age range, socio-economic background do they represent? Where do they live? What are their buying habits? You might consider asking them to fill out a questionnaire that will help you understand your target customer.


    Plan your marketing to attract customers. Marketing includes

    • branding, advertising,
    • announcing the opening of your business,
    • creating mutual referrals with another business,
    • offering to speak or demonstrate at events,
    • community groups or in local stores,
    • blogging,
    • creating an email newsletter,
    • business cards and
    • a website.


    Set up your operational process. This means:

    • set up a system to record your customers’ names, emails, phone numbers, birthdays and your notes on working with them
    • partner lists
    • calendar
    • get a good accounting program
    • banking and payment options
    • to-do lists or daily agendas


    This article is just a basic introduction – sort of a Psychic Business 101 – so feel free to experiment.

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  • Your consulting fees.

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    The fees you charge depend on your own costs of doing business and the demand for your services. Copyright Depositphoto/vaeenma

    The fees you charge depend on your own costs of doing business and the demand for your services. Copyright Depositphoto/vaeenma


    Alas! You’ve decided to go into business for yourself. Before jumping into running a business, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider first before rolling out your prices, which are essentially your consulting fees.

    One of the first things you have to consider in determining the price, or the amount of your consulting fees, is your level of experience and expertise. Certainly, someone with little experience will not be able to command the same prices as someone with years of experience. Pricing is a delicate balance and you should spend a good deal of time thinking about it. How people perceive the value of someone’s services is often found in the pricing. Some people believe that if something costs more, it must be among the best offered. This simply is not true when it comes to services. The following is a few suggestions in helping you to determine price.



    Research what others are charging for the same services you will be offering. Find those with the same level of experience that you have, and place the price of your services somewhere within the price range. The price you settle with will be determined, too, by the cost of doing business.


    Cost vs. Price

    Not everyone has the same costs in the psychic service industry. Some people may have more expenses to cover than others. You will need to determine the cost of doing business before setting your price.


    First Things First

    Total up your costs and overhead: Telephone, Internet, computer, rent, utilities, supplies, and the like. Divide the total by 30 days to get an idea of what you need to make in order to pay your costs. After you do the math, this should show you what you need to make each day in order to pay for your expenses and cost of doing business.

    • Total business expenses: Your Cost / 30 Days = Cost Per Day

    Once you know what your cost per day is, you can determine how many hours you need to work and what you need to charge per hour or day just to pay for your expenses.

    • Cost Per Day / Number Hours Worked = Cost Per Hour

    From this point, you will need to determine how much you will need to make per hour in order to cover your cost, plus how much markup you’ll use in order to make a profit.

    The sum of the profit should fit into the price range you researched earlier. Naturally, this simple formula applies to hourly rates, or retainers; however, you’ll need to determine a cost-per-project from time to time such as a special event or party.


    In the case of charging per project, include the cost of transportation, plus time and expenses. If you buy an airplane ticket, rent a hotel, purchase meals, and require extras, add your price per hour onto those expenses, and then divide the total by the total number of hours in the project.

    When pricing for a retainer, you may decide to discount the normal cost a bit for the sake of your client who is willing to retain a guaranteed number of hours from you each month.

    If you are charging one flat rate for your services, be sure to add expenses where applicable. For example: $500 plus expenses.


    Perceived Value

    Be careful not to price yourself out of business by charging a price too high for most to reach. You also want to make sure that you are not doing the extreme opposite by “low-balling” your prices where someone considers it a bargain or a discount. By doing this, you are setting yourself up to fail. Why? Because people may perceive your low price as being indicative of low value.

    Over time, adjust your prices according to the market and what your true competitors are charging. Remember, you must do so gradually as you can’t double your prices overnight, or you will risk losing a good portion of your clientele.

    The only time you will not consider price based solely off what your competitors are charging is when you reach a supply vs. demand situation. If you are in such demand, and have only a set number of hours to provide your service, then you can raise your prices to meet such a demand. Thus, you’ll work smarter rather than harder.

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  • Create your own brand.

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    A brand not only tells people who you are, it is easily recognized and helps them remember you.  Copyright Depositphotos/Leonardi

    A brand not only tells people who you are, it is easily recognized and helps them remember you. Copyright Depositphotos/Leonardi


    Marketing is what you are doing when you are educating the public about your company.

    Sales happens when your marketing, such as cold calling and appearing at events, pays off and you are talking to people who want to book a reading or other of your services.

    Advertising is a way of announcing what you do and offering special promotions. It can be online, via radio or print.

    Branding is the foundation that makes your advertising, marketing and sales cohesive. Branding is your company image, and you use that image across all your advertising, marketing and sales activities.


    Before you do anything else, create your brand.


    Prepare your vision statement. It should be 3 to 5 sentences and it should answer these questions:

    • What is the vision you have of your metaphysical or paranormal services business?
    • What will it look like in 5 years?
    • What will it do?
    • Who will it serve?
    • What will it stand for?

    For example:My remote viewing business will be the leading remote viewing consultancy and educational organization in the Pacific Northwest. It will serve law enforcement agencies and individuals through missing person services and remote viewing training, and will have a reputation for the highest quality available in the region.



    Prepare your mission statement. The mission statement describes how you will reach your vision. It answers the who, what, when, where, why and how. Where the vision statement is a somewhat permanent element, the mission statement can change from year to year or more often as needed. It is the basis for your strategies to reach your vision.

    For example: My remote viewing business deals specifically with law enforcement agencies and relatives seeking lost or missing children under the age of 18 years. It also provides remote viewing training to people or organizations engaged in finding lost or missing children. Our remote viewing services are available the moment a child is listed as missing, or in preparation for missing children cases. Services are via remote or on-site consultation as are training events, and we charge hourly, by monthly retainer or by project.



    Use your vision and mission statements to develop your brand.  The above examples give the impression of professionalism. They stipulate a serious attitude toward using remote viewing to find missing children. That is your brand. Therefore, your logo, website, marketing materials such as brochures and business cards should all portray this serious, professional character and look. Everything should match – this is called your corporate identity. For example, don’t expect to be taken seriously if you put unicorns against a purple and pink background with a crystal ball on your website and brochures. Also, your brochures should have the same logo and look/feel of your website and other marketing materials such as radio show pitches and community meeting fliers.

    Think of Coca Cola. When you are in the supermarket, you can easily pick out the Coca Cola products in the soft drink aisle. When branding is done well, it makes people immediately think of your company.

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