Is it wrong to charge money for my psychic gifts?

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Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas

There is no right or wrong when it comes to charging for your services; especially, if you are considering starting a business using your psychic abilities. If you are wanting to go into business, you will need to charge for your services. Otherwise, if you want to give away your time to others, then consider starting a non-profit organization, or use a donation-only arrangement.

When making the decision to charge or not, substitute the word, “gifts” with the word, “abilities” so you can determine where your own feelings lie when it comes to providing others with your psychic services.

Your feelings about your psychic abilities and whether to charge should not be influenced by the opinion of others. For instance, over the years, there has been quite a few ridiculous statements running rampant throughout the psychic community which has been designed to sabotage one’s efforts to make money from psychic abilities. Among such babble that challenges a psychic’s desire to go into business states, “A psychic receives gifts from God, and it is wrong to charge for such a spiritual gift.”

Those who perpetuate such nonsense are asking you to martyr yourself.

​These negative thinkers want you to stay in lack, and they want you to accept their opinions to keep you in lack. They may spout such statements off as if they are an authority (one who is connected directly with some divine entity), and they are delivering you a message so you will continue to read for them, their friends, and all others who wish to take advantage of your time, and energies. Those who think this way also may be offering readings for free, and consider it only as a hobby. They may have their own income or rely on the income of another, and do not have to worry about covering monthly expenses.

When you begin to value yourself, your time, and your abilities, you will begin to think abundantly, and disregard lack thinkers.

Certainly, there is nothing spiritual about staying in lack, nor denying yourself, and your loved ones, from a deserving income. The decision is all yours to make, and I’m sure you’ll honor yourself by making the right decision.

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